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August 16, 2019
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Tiny Terrace Retreat

When people decide to downsize it usually means selling the house and buying a condo and in most cases, giving up a large yard and all the work that goes along with it. 

Condo living means compromising your outdoor space since most condos have a small terrace. But it is easy to change a cold concrete balcony into a fantastic outdoor retreat, a serene spot where you can relax in comfort. Fortunately, in Mexico, the weather is warm and dry most of the time, making it safe to have cotton rugs, pillows, and soft furnishings outdoors, creating a cozy place to enjoy your morning coffee, read a book or entertain. 

These are just a few ideas that add character and make a terrace more inviting. The most important thing is to be creative and have fun personalizing your own terrace retreat.

  • Patio lights, brighten up the terrace and create a relaxed ambiance with decorative patio lights or a couple of strings of clear Christmas lights.
  • Candles, the warm glow of candlelight relieves stress and creates a calming environment.
  • Comfy furniture, add a small couch, a daybed or comfy chairs, decorate with colorful pillows.
  • If space is limited, simply add big floor pillows for seating instead of furniture.
  • Build a built-in bench seat with storage underneath, top it with pillows for accent and comfort.
  • Add hanging baskets, decorated pots, or herb boxes; we suggest filling the planters with flowers and herbs that help repel mosquitos.
  • Build a trellis on one wall and hang small buckets of plants.
  • Hang bold-colored drapes with tie backs to dress up your balcony, or close them for privacy and protection from the sun.
  • Install a hammock, what could be better than taking a nap in the warm Mexican breeze.
  • Wind chimes - some neighbors may find wind chimes irritating, but try a natural alternative such as coconut shells or bamboo wind chimes which create a soothing, subdued sound.
  • Colors are a personal choice and can affect your mood and emotions. What tone do you want to set for your outdoor space? Vibrant, bold colors are fun and expressive, and soft greys, blue and taupe create a calming relaxed feel, the style choice is yours.

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