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November 20, 2019
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December 4, 2019

Liven Up Your Home With Vibrant Mexican Style

Who says home interiors should be neutral beiges and taupe? Why not brighten up your life with a splash of vibrant color and culture? Do not be afraid of color; Mexican style interiors bring multiple colors and traditions together for an eclectic vibe. 

Here are a few Mexican inspired additions that add life and character to your home.

  • Add some color with a few multi-colored woven Mexican blankets on the sofa or stacked in a hand woven basket.
  • Add a multi-colored hand-woven hammock to your patio, a siesta in your back yard feels like a permanent vacation.
  • Alebrijes a Mexican folk art, wooden sculptures of mythical creatures with intricate patterns and bright colors. Which creature speaks to you?
  • Cactus and aloe vera in terra cotta pots are low maintenance plants that add a Mexican charm to your home.
  • Tin and tile mirrors, add a large one to your entrance or create a collection of miniature tin and tile mirrors in various colors and designs.
  • Shop for Mexican artisans, choose vibrant hand-embroidered table runners and pillows (choose authentic Mexican products, not imitations made in China).
  • Talavera Pottery is a brightly colored earthware seen in most Mexican artisan shops. Set the table with this bold dinnerwear. Talavera is available in canisters, vases, and everything else, including the kitchen sink.
  • Mexican Otomi tablecloths, placemats, and wall hangings decorated with bright hand-embroidered birds, flowers, and animals on muslin fabric.
  • Brightly painted wooden table and chairs - experiment with colors; paint each chair a different color.
  • Mexico is famous for its handblown glassware, serve up some refreshing cocktails in these cobalt blue rimmed or multi-colored margarita glasses.
  • Add color and tradition with decorative ceramic tiles as a splashback, bathroom counter, shower walls, or kitchen island.

Check out Pinterest for some fantastic Mexican interior ideas and photos.