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Furnishing Tips for Patio Living

One of the advantages of living in a warm climate is outdoor living, and it is always patio season in Mexico. It is easy to turn your patio into an extension of your indoors, a homey spot to relax with a good book or entertain family and friends. Although we want to create a comfortable setting outside, it is essential to select furniture manufactured for the outdoors.

Purchasing cheap patio furniture that needs to be replaced every year or two is not a good deal in the long run. It is well worth the investment to buy quality outdoor furniture that will withstand rain, sun, humidity, and the sea air. These elements take their toll on most fabrics, metal, and wood products and destroy them very quickly.

Purchase Weatherproof Patio Furniture
Select furniture that is not susceptible to the harsh sun or humidity. Wicker furniture looks fresh and tropical, but it will mold and deteriorate quickly in this weather, as an alternative choose synthetic resin wicker-like furniture. The resin coating resists absorption of harmful elements such as moisture and sunlight.

Instead of the original wooden Adirondack type of chairs, opt for the recycled plastic chairs, unlike wood, it will not chip, warp, or rot. The synthetic version is weatherproof and easy to clean, and most manufacturers offer a limited lifetime guarantee. These beautiful chairs are a low maintenance solution and are available in many colors.

If your heart is set on wooden furniture, look for treated kiln-dried teak. Paint, stain, or oil furniture to obtain the color you want as teak will turn grey if not treated. A sealant will protect the wood from the elements. Teak furniture should be covered or stored during bad weather for greater longevity.

Weather Proof Fabrics
Deck pillows and chair cushions come in a variety of fabrics and beautiful colors, opt for fade and mildew resistant fabric, for example, polyester, vinyl, or acrylic. Store cushions indoors during the rainy season.

Create a Shade with Umbrellas or Awnings
It is hot out there, create a shaded area over the dining area of your patio with awnings or umbrellas, protection from the midday sun is essential. Choose an umbrella with a heavy base to avoid any spills from a strong wind. A retractable awning offers complete shade with the option of opening it up for sunbathing. Again choose quality materials that will not fade or deteriorate. Keep awnings and umbrellas closed during a strong wind to avoid any damage.

Pass the Remote Control
Grab some snacks and curl up outside to watch your favorite Netflix series or the game on a big screen. Did you know you can buy weatherproof flat-screen televisions specifically meant to be mounted out on the patio; these weatherproof TVs are brighter than an indoor TV and unaffected by rain and humidity.