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10 Considerations Before Hiring an Architect

When it comes to building or renovating your home, we recommend you hire an architect to ensure your project is constructed aesthetically and structurally sound the first time. Selecting the right architect is a crucial decision. Compile a list of architects working in your area, check references from previous clients, and review their online portfolio before you meet with an architect. 

  • 1

    Does the architect hold a license and the appropriate credentials to work locally?
  • 2

    Make a list of questions, decide on your vision and your wish list before you meet with the architect.
  • 3

    What is the architects' availability and estimated timeline for the project? Discuss realistic timelines for architecture and construction in best and worst-case scenarios. Do they have the time to manage your project and make it a priority?
  • 4

    What experience do they have, and where can you view their previous projects?
  • 5

    Discuss your budget and make sure the architect provides a detailed budget for the project before you hire them. How will any unexpected expenses be dealt with?
  • 6

    What is the fee structure for the project, and how will you be billed?
  • 7

    What is included with the architect's fees? Architectural companies offer different levels of service to their clients, be sure they clarify what is and what is not included in your contract.
  • 8

    How involved will the architect be in the construction and managing of my project?
  • 9

    Which builders and subcontractors is the architect associated with, who will be building the project?
  • 10

    Research the company's reputation, do they have any significant legal disputes with clients, contractors, or suppliers?
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